Video by KJ Creative (black and white shots by Caitlin Fairly).

Why do we make Every Day Dresses?

Getting dressed up is easy. You plan for it. You dream about it. You’re ready for it.

But just getting dressed? That’s the hard part. Life is busy, your closet is too full and you’re running late. You resort to yoga pants again, or that same old outfit that doesn’t even fit your style anymore.

We know you. You want to wear great clothes, but you also want to stop by the coffee shop, walk the dog, call your friend. You have things to do, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your great style.

This is where Arrowroot comes in. It’s simple: grab a dress, put it on, and look great doing your thing all day. Getting dressed up is fun, but we believe life is a special occasion and we’ve made it possible to dress accordingly.